Umbilical Trenching Project


AUX has completed several functions during an Umbilical Trenching Project, by preparation and mobilization of a Trencher on board of a Cable Lay Vessel as well as team up and train the key personnel. Furthermore AUX was highly involved in executing the project in a supervisory
role for the offshore installation of an 18.5-kilometer control umbilical which connects two offshore platforms, located in the Danish and German sectors of the North Sea.

The detailed scope for AUX contained among others:

  • Preparing the Trencher including quay trials;
  • Team up & training key personnel;
  • Mobilisation of the Trencher spread on board of the
  • Cable Lay Vessel;
  • Supervisory role during Trencher trials onsite;
  • Supervisory role during the offshore installation.

In addition to the above stated support was provided for Trencher rock cutting trails.Year of execution 2015