Lift cable latching system for subsea trencher

Design and construction of lift cable latching system for Trenchformer

Design and construction for a lift cable latching system in order to (dis)connect the lifting cable from a trencher while subsea and on deck. Major challenge was the engineering and design within a critical envelope due to the existing lifting configuration (Swingbeam / A-frame) of the system.

The main requirements for the system are the following:

  • Design requires a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 55mT with a Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) of 2;
  • Able to connect and disconnect subsea also in emergency situations (i.e. power black-out of the
  • Able to compensate the Centre of Gravity (CoG) for the different trencher set-ups (jetting vs. cutting);
  • System should fit on the existing trencher and interface with existing Swingbeam / A-frame without any modifications;
  • Standalone valve pack and control system to work independently.

Year of construction 2015