Hyperbaric and deep diving simulation systems

The Auxilium Offshore Hyperbaric Deep Diving Simulation System (HDDSS) is a system used for a wide range of activities, which are for example:

  •  Simulate deep diving in a controlled environment
  •  Check divers’ mental and physical abilities
  •  Diver Medical Technician
  •  Theoretically calculated compression and decompression tables
  •  Test breathing (life-support) equipment
  •  Test working techniques required to complete underwater tasks
  •  Diving equipment training
  •  Pressure testing of underwater equipment

The HDDSS normally exists of the following main components:

  •  Vertical installed pressure vessel, named the “wet-pot” (partially filled with water).
  •  Horizontal installed pressure vessel, connected to the “wet-pot”. This is actually the dry chamber which is used as decompression chamber.