Working with a tight deadline is something we have to cope with more and more nowadays. I see it in other sectors as well, and although offshore projects have a tremendous scope, it is also something we are experiencing in our line of work.

In my view, pressure can be extremely beneficial. Stay focused, make sure you have the right professionals on the job with a true understanding of what is needed, and know how to act when critical moments arise.

Auxilium Offshore actually had to take up such a challenge in July last summer. In less than 3 months Auxilium Offshore worked on the design and construction of a new docking & cable latching system in order to disconnect and reconnect the lifting cable from the ‘Trenchformer’, subsea and on deck, located on-board of Boskalis’ cable laying vessel ‘Ndurance’.

A major challenge, since Auxilium Offshore had to engineer and design this in a critical envelope due to the existing lifting configuration (swing beam / A-frame) of the trenching system. Moreover, a tight deadline meant there was no room for error because we had to make sure that each aspect was carried out in the right order to meet this deadline.

The ‘Trenchformer’ successfully completed the RAVN project; offshore installation of an 18.5 kilometre control umbilical for Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

We can reflect on a successful project, which was achieved within the set deadline.

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  1. Mooi stuk Fleur! En een mooie job!


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