AUX Work Model

Before we start on a new project, we describe it in terms of our in-house-developed Auxilium Offshore Working Model. This model considers not only a person's professional expertise but also to this person's personality. The idea behind the Auxilium Offshore Working Model is to make transparency possible by breaking down each project into three levels. Subsequently, each level is divided into different phases that are constantly reviewed (see graphic depiction below).

Phase 1 (centre circle):
Project definition: development of the project outline, its objectives, its deliverables and its constraints in close cooperation and consultation with the client.

Phase 2 (inner ring):
Project strategy: definition of the project requirements, visualisation of the focus areas for a specific client, and determination of the most suitable project strategy.
Team strategy: determination of the environment requirements, focus areas and team strategy, all simultaneously with the Project Strategy.
Select & match: selection of a team by linking project and environment focus areas to professional project and soft skills while combining the Project Strategy and the Team Strategy.

Phase 3 (outer ring):
Auxilium scrum: formation and facilitation (by the Project Manager) of a multidisciplinary project team in order to guarantee an efficient and high-quality strategy.
using predefined evaluation moments with the client to discuss condition and expectations (as per quality system ISO 9001).
Project development:
taking measures to improve the project and raise its efficiency.