Zaltbommel, 08 March 2017 – As a result of increased efforts to expand its portfolio for specialised diving equipment, Auxilium Offshore signed an important contract with an undisclosed client to design, construct and install fit for purpose equipment for an underwater safety centre in Asia. 

The equipment supply exists of a wet bell with launch & recovery system, an adjustable diving stage, a hyperbaric chamber to accommodate 10 persons, as well as all related water and gas management systems including control and observation systems.

The underwater safety centre will be used to simulate several diving activities and subsea emergency procedures. With an expected lead time of approximately 1.5 year, all equipment will be built and assembled in Europe and shipped to Asia for final installation and commissioning.

Challenging interfaces
Gijs Vroegh, Project Manager, says: “For this project, interface management is a major point of attention. With the involvement of a large variety of suppliers and subcontractors during the assembly and testing phase, it is vital that every component is delivered on time and according to specification. Furthermore, local logistical challenges and interfaces with the civil contractor on site, both in design and installation phases, require thorough preparation, meticulous progress monitoring and excellent communication between all stakeholders.”

Stepping stone for international expansion
Elaborating on this award in relation to future ambitions of Auxilium Offshore, Fleur Loef, Managing Director, explains: “Whereas we traditionally focused on the North Sea region, this contract is an important stepping stone to build up a track record and further expand our activities in Asia and beyond. We are convinced that Auxilium Offshore can bring added value in design and construction of marine assets & mission equipment.” She adds: “Moreover, this contract proves that the expertise we have built up in the offshore energy industry, can also benefit other sectors such as the Navy and maritime training institutions. We are pleased with this opportunity to contribute to the development of enhanced underwater training facilities in Asia and to promote cooperation amongst industries.”

About Auxilium Offshore
Auxilium Offshore is an independent company that offers customised services in design, engineering and construction of mission equipment for the offshore energy sector, international maritime forces and public services.

The company’s expertise includes the entire process of project and operational optimisation, from initiation to delivery, support and aftercare, as well as consultancy services including system integration and operational support.

With an extensive track record in the field of diving equipment, subsea tools, remotely operated vehicles and a variety of offshore equipment, Auxilium Offshore is a reliable and knowledgeable partner to support clients in converting their requirements into fit for purpose mission equipment.

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