With her new shareholder structure Auxilium Offshore has taken a next step in the development of the organisation, bringing an extra scope on the projects and work the organisation does. “As we decided that we wanted to bring more focus on cost-effective offshore operations  we immediately created the opportunity to shift our focus in the way we work” Loef states.

Bringing more focus into actively sharing of Auxilium Offshore’s knowledge resulted in a broad portfolio of marine assets and mission equipment. Auxilium Offshore also took the chance to develop visionary solutions of offshore equipment and subsea tools to reduce complexity in subsea operations. “This initiative is driven by the fact that we noticed that quite some processes during subsea operations can be more cost effective and less complex when the right tools are available. With that in mind Auxilium Offshore takes the initiative to start developing such tools instead of waiting for a client asking for such a solution.”  Loef says. “It gives the organisation a sharp focus on the latest developments in the offshore industry.”

Auxilium Offshore is an independent company that consults and delivers project development of marine assets and mission equipment within the offshore energy sector. It offers customised services in design, engineering and construction including system integration, operational support and consultancy with a specific focus on subsea operations, transport & installation and decommissioning. Auxilium Offshore’s scope covers the entire process related to new built projects, conversions, modifications and commissioning of marine assets & mission equipment development.

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